Serenity Zen | Service Overview

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is an Ancient Eastern practice using the body’s natural energy (or “qi”) to potentially heal and increase longevity. Reflexology divides the body into different zones & reflex areas that center and control the energy—then disperse it throughout the body. On the feet alone, there are about a dozen reflex zones & areas. Since the foot is a source of multiple reflex zones, a foot reflexology service has the ability to affect the entire body and promote overall healing. At Serenity, we start the Reflexology session off by soaking the feet in sea salt infused warm water.

Body Massages

Our therapists use a form of Deep-Tissue massage as a baseline. In a general Deep-Tissue massage, your session may start with broad flowing strokes that help calm your nervous system and relax exterior muscle tension. In time, the pressure will increase to help release deep knots & tension in muscles, tendons, and fascia. Soreness is normal when removing the knots & tension and depending on the severity, will subside in up to a few days. All Body Massages are provided in Private Rooms.

Other Massage Styles offered: Swedish, Deep-Tissue, Prenatal, or Shiatsu ($110/HR).


Combination services combine our Foot Reflexology and the Body Massage services together; the best of both worlds! All Combination services start off with the Foot Reflexology portion and finish off with a Body Massage.

Adding our enhancements to any of the services heighten the experience. Choose from Hot Stones (1), Menthol Balm (2), and/or Essential Oils (3).

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