Knots and How To Manage Them

We all have experienced the discomfort of having knots throughout our body, but what are they actually and how do we get rid of them?

Our bodies are comprised of hundreds of muscles, overlapping one another, and are prone to becoming hard and painful due to:

  • A sedentary lifestyle

  • Injury or overuse

  • Poor posture

Our muscles are constantly contracting whether we’re moving and even just sitting! Knots form when the muscles contract, tighten, and do not release on their own. This is what causes discomfort, sensitivity, and even pain.

Body massages increase circulation and improve blood flow, which makes massage therapy extremely effective at releasing tense muscles and relieving the pain. During your body massage, the therapist will manipulate and apply pressure to the muscles, encouraging them to release. Massages also cause our soothing hormones, known as endorphins, to release and reduce anxiety and stress.  

Although foot reflexology does not directly manipulate tight muscles, massaging the dozens of pressure points on the feet can result in a state of total body relaxation. This can help relax the muscles and bring ease to the discomfort, while also reducing stress.

Releasing stubborn knots can take multiple massage sessions. There are, however, a couple things you can do at home to treat your muscle tightness and prevent more from developing!

  • Stretch routinely. Stretching the locked muscle can help release the tension and prevent future knots from developing by increasing your flexibility.

  • Exercise regularly. Exercise improves mobility and increases blood supply to the muscles.

  • Rest as needed. Taking a break from activities that are causing the knots or increasing your pain can prevent them from becoming worse.

Stubborn knots are the inevitable product of our busy lifestyles. Knowing what causes them and how to treat them can improve your ability to perform and prevent unnecessary stress. For more information on how our services can help with your muscle tension, go to:

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What a Week it's Been!

This week has been crazy for us at Serenity. We recently launched our official website and are in the process of implementing several procedures, renovations, and new products.

While working on our SEO, we performed a quick Google search on our company and found out that someone had copied our studio name, pictures, descriptions, procedures, and even product names. Imagine how we felt when we saw this?

We've compiled an album with a few screenshots and picture proof to show the similarities  of us and the imitator which can be seen here: and below:

We're flattered to have been copied nearly word for word, but believe customers deserve the right to know the business they're stepping into.

Serenity was created over 3 years ago, because the owners understood the need of the community for a place that offered quality massages at an affordable price. Being outsiders with a vision and a small budget to work with, the owners made the decision to do everything in-house and on their own. This included all the promotional materials (flyers, business cards, website), interior designing, sourcing, procedures, etc. All our therapists are certified, professionally trained, and experienced, and go through a rigorous process before joining our team. Our wintergreen menthol balm is custom made from a close family friend in Singapore. Our essential oils are handcrafted in-house, where we use only the best & purest essential oils (DoTERRA) and blend them with fractionated coconut oil.

When someone steals and copies our procedures, pictures, products, product names, and descriptions, it’s deeply upsetting. We encourage competition, as we believe it helps facilitate growth and gives the community choices, but when a business engages in unethical actions, that’s when we feel the need to speak out and expose this behavior. A business, especially in the healthcare and well-being industry, should be transparent with the community that it serves.

While we do plan on expanding to more locations, our one and only location currently is in West Covina. While we may not be the only ones named Serenity, we promise to continue offering only the highest levels of service that we were founded on, never comprising or taking shortcuts, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Thanks for your continued support of Serenity, and we hope to see you soon.